Shadow Creek Ramblers

Shadow Creek Ramblers started in 2008; six young and eager musicians who all wanted to play country and rock music in a rocky way. Through the years SCR played in small bars as well as on larger festivals in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria.

After some changes, SCR nowadays is: Anoek Bloemhof, Mark Kiers, Rowdy Prins, Herman Dijck and Richard Zwiers.

SCR’s set is a list of hit after hit from the complete country history and it splashes down on you, surprises you and leaves you in admiration. All songs are performed in the special SCR -way, with vibrant and exhilarating energy.

If you have ever seen a performance of SCR, you know and recognize the catchy way SCR plays the most different country and rock songs, very enthusiastic and with lots of fun!